Jasmine: Part 4

The past week was the best week of my life. Jamie and I did things I had never done not even as a teen. We went on dates. We went hiking, to the movies, out to eat, we even went sailing. We spoke on the phone all night. It feels like I had a man.But it was also the worst week of my life. He didn’t even make a move on me

Jasmine: PART 1

Can a girl from the wrong side of the tracks find a love so deep it changes everything she ever knew?


You’re so Amazing

Alex savagely kissed Margot’s lush rosy lips; He brushed the corner of her lips with his and then his teeth tugged at her lower lip. Every nerve in her body surged to life as she shivered from the sensation of his soft lips against hers. Her nipples tingled and became as hard as pebbles, she felt damp as the muscles in her vagina clenched. She was on fire. She needed Alex more than she needed her next breath. When Alex tried to end the kiss, Margot moved forward, grabbing the back of his head and drawing him in for another kiss. Alex chuckled against her lips.

“Do you want to come in for coffee?” She asked him when she finally came back up for air.

“If coffee is code for sex, then yes, I wanna come in for coffee,” Alex said. Margo laughed as her nervousness melted away.

“This is happening.” she thought to herself. 

She opened the door and allowed Alex to step into her apartment; his presence in her apartment was wreaking havoc on her senses. She took the time to study Alex’s massive form. She watched as he strolled into the living room and sat on her sofa. His powerful body made the entire room look so much smaller. “How do you take your coffee?” she asked him.

“Margot, come and sit beside me. You know I don’t bite,” he said. “No need for the pretense!” 

Margot sighed. 

“Fine” she mumbled as she sat down in the far corner of the couch. Alex moved over until Margot could hardly tell where she stopped and he began. She opened her mouth to say something, but he silenced her with another of his intoxicating kisses. Margot lost her breath and no matter how many breaths she took there was never enough air in her lungs. She surrendered to him without hesitation. Alex gathered up her little frame onto his lap and continued his assault on her senses. Between kisses, he grabbed her ass and squeezed it hard. He slipped his hand into the waist of her jeans and grabbed her bare ass.

Margot had never been more aware of herself as a woman than at this moment. He used the roughness of her jeans to play against her clit as he grabbed her hips and rubbed her pelvis against the heaviness of his erection. Alex kissed along her neck and throat, He assaulted her nerves from every direction until her entire body was a full-blown volcano. Margo leaped off his lap, in a dizzying effort to get out her jeans. He watched through a lust-filled gaze and chuckled at her antics. When she finally wiggled out of her jeans, Alex dragged her back into his lap.  He kissed her neck and nonchalantly made his way down to her breast. As he massaged her two golden globes Margo threw her head back and moaned out in ecstasy. His mouth instantly replaced his hand. Alex traced circles around the dark areolas, sending her into a frenzy of emotions. As gentle as Alex was, it threw Margo into a memory so deep she couldn’t escape. Images of that first night with her husband flashed before her eyes. She screamed out for Alex to stop.

“Are you okay?” he asked. “Margo, talk to me.”

“Water, I need water,” Margo said. She pushed Alex away and made her way to the kitchen.

“Did I do something wrong?” Alex Asked.

Margot took big gulps of water. “You did nothing. I just have issues and if you wanted to go, I totally understand.”

She watched as his impressive cock stand died. She waited for Alex to pack his stuff, but he walked into the kitchen with just his jeans on.  He swung her around and kissed the back of her neck. 

“Tell me what you like!” he demanded.

“I don’t know,” replied Margot.


“I..I… I am not like you. I am not a sexual person.”

“Again, bullshit, you eye fucked me in that supermarket the first time you saw me. You knew exactly what you wanted that day, now tell me!”

Margot gasped for air again. No one had ever asked her what she wanted before. The feeling was new and intoxicating. But she didn’t know what to say. Alex stared at her as if he was looking into her soul. What did this man want from her? She had no idea what to say. Sex was always a dirty activity, done in the dark for a few minutes with her husband. She dug hard and remembered what she wanted a moment ago as she was grinding on him. She finally said. “I want you to prop me up on the counter and eat me out like I was your last meal.”

His slow, sexy grin sent chills up her back as he scooped her up in his big burly arms and placed her on the counter. He pried her legs open. She tried to snap them back shut, but Alex was too strong. She relaxed and let him have his way. She threw her head back and closed her eyes.

“Don’t close your eyes, Margot. Look at me!” he said. 

He stared in her eyes as he kissed a trail down to her freshly shaved honey pot. Alex’s stare intensified as he kissed her inner thighs and breathed her womanly essence in. She watched him as her breath got caught. She did her best to relax, but her need and hunger for him grew stronger. His tongue swiped over her honey nub, her entire body came alive again as a flame bright hot seared through her. One sweep of his tongue had left her drenched. The walls of her pussy clenched. He used his tongue to beat against her clit, stroking and caressing it. His tongue was gentle at first, then rough, then stabbing deep to bring her closer to that elusive feeling. He devoured her pussy like it was his last meal. She screamed out in ecstasy. She tossed her head back and forth, gripping the back of his head and digging her nails in. He reached for a nipple and squeezed. He continued feasting on the thick meaty folds of her vagina. He rubbed her clit as his tongue played peek-a-boo inside her vagina, her legs shook out of control. The tension coiled tighter deep inside until it spilled out and shattered Margot senses into a million pieces.Her orgasm was so intense it took every drop of energy she had. She laid on the counter spent and drenched in her own juices.

Alex came up for air: he reached into his pocket and took a condom and shimmered out of his jeans and boxers. He rolled the condom on his hard, stiff cock. Before Margot could blink she was face down on the counter and Alex was entering her from behind with a delicious slowness. Her slick folds were wet and ready for every sweet inch of him. His first stroke was tentative and soft, but as he continued, they became harder and more demanding. He drilled into her and grabbed her hair and wrapped around his fist as he continued to slap his colossal body into hers. The only noise now was the heavy breathing and moaning of the two lovers. He reached for her clit and rubbed it as he pounded into her, and she enjoyed every moment. A hard dick was something her dearly departed husband rarely had to give. Alex tense up and increased his speed, and Margot knew instantly that he was coming. His stroke became more intense as he grabbed her shoulders then her neck and squeezed. Another orgasm started to build up in her.

“Oh fuck” she exclaimed “I am coming.” 

Alex grunted as his body tensed up and stars formed behind his closed eyes. He grunted again as he spread his semen into the condom.

Margot closed her eyes and allowed a man to pamper her as he cleaned her up. She thought he would get dressed and leave, instead he led her to the bedroom.

“It’s going to be a long night.” she thought to herself.


The Date

“Hey, Margot,” Alex called out.

“Yeah,” I shouted back.

“I’m done with the sink,” Alex said as he strolled into my living room. His clothes were a mess, but he even makes disheveled seem disgustingly sexy.

“Thanks,” I said and glanced away from the magnificent specimen of a man and reminded myself to breathe. I silently willed him to get out so I could wallow in my self-pity; instead, he just stood there waiting for me to acknowledge him. We fell into an uncomfortable silence that dragged on between us. I’m so ready for him to leave so these embarrassing moments can be a thing of past and I can go back to my ordinary life. Still, he did not leave and the silence continued. I had enough of the deafening silence, I looked up at him. He gave me that slow, sexy grin that sets fire to my soul. He knew he had won.

“Hey, you said it’s your day off, right?” he inquired.

“Yeah,” I said.

“Well, let’s go for a drink,” he suggested.

“Don’t you have work to do?” I asked.

“Baby girl, my name is on the letterhead. I do what I please,” He said. “Ammo head home to get outta these clothes. I’ll be back,” he said.

The idea tempted me, but the way our last few encounters went, I didn’t think it wise to test fate. So I told him. “I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Why not? You gotta man?” he asked.

“No, it’s just that…” I started.

“It’s a drink, it’s not gonna hurt anyone,” he stated. I peeked up at his face, but he wasn’t the smug, self-assured man I was used to seeing. There was an unfamiliar look in his eyes, as if he’s unsure of himself. As quickly as it appeared, it vanished.

I caved. “Fine one drink,” I said.

“Great, see ya soon.” He stated as he took off.

 The moment he left, I sprang up, trying to decide what to wear. I did a mental checklist of every item of clothing that I own. Nothing in my closet caught my eye because nothing is as sexy as the little black dress wasted on this afternoon. With different outfits discarded around my room, I finally settled on a cute yellow daisy sundress and thronged sandals. I had the quickest shower in history and dabbed some makeup on my face. I studied myself out in the mirror, I looked nice enough I suppose.

“Now listen to me, Margot, you’re not allowed to make a fool of yourself, you hear me? You’re a smart, beautiful and talented woman, show that to him!” I said to myself. My phone beeped and when I glanced at it, there was a text from Alex. He was in the parking lot. I studied my reflection once more before leaving, satisfied with how I looked.

Alex took me to Scottie’s, a popular sports bar. It looked nothing like what I remembered from youth. I used to sneak in here as a teenager with my friends. My sweet minor rebellion ended quickly when I forced into a loveless marriage.

“What you drinking?” Alex asked, breaking me free of my memories.

“I don’t know. I don’t drink.”

He called over our waitress and ordered a rum and coke and a strawberry daiquiri for me.

“Wait,” I said. “Do you have anything stronger? Like a mojito?” I asked before she could leave.

“Not a problem, the bartender would be happy to whip up one,” said the waitress.

“Oh, it’s like that?” he said as he raised his eyebrows.

“No, I’m not a fan of sweets,” I said.

“My apologies,” he said. When the waitress walked away, he turned his full attention back to me. “For the awkwardness part, I’m forty-two and divorced with a child. How about you?”

“I’m a thirty-four-year-old widow,” I replied.

“My condolences,” he said.

“No need,” I responded and waved off his pity. “It was a long while ago.”

“All righty, what d’you do?”

 “I’m a system analyst over a Global Corp.”

“I do a lot of business with them,” said Alex.

“You do?” I asked, dumbstruck.

“Well, I deal with the plumbing for Global Corp but my dad still does domestic plumbing. He’s old school and enjoys it. I am a businessman, I negotiate contracts with several major businesses and properties.”

“But weren’t you coming from a job when we met?” I asked.

“I help my dad with house calls, from time to time. It’s our thing.”

“But if you only handle the business aspect, how come you fixed my pipes?” I asked.

“Cause maybe I like you?” he drawled with his raised eyebrow. Child, if my brown sugar skin could blush I would be as red as a beetroot. “My brothers and I all have MBAs, but we’re all plumbers at heart, we’ve been helping our dad out before we were even teenagers.”

He flashed me that dimpled, lazy grin again as he asked. “Are you close to your family?”

“So you like me, huh?” I asked.

“What’s not to like? Besides you almost being a midget!”

“I’m five–one and three quarters, I’ll have you know!”

“You’re a gorgeous little thing,” he said. I was cheesing now.

 “And that smile, just so  fucking pretty them lips got me thinking if they are as soft as they look,” he said. I was dam nearing reaching across the table. “But that’s for later, are you going to answer my question?”

His ability to flip conversations rattled the hell out of me, but I gathered my composure and answered him. “No. I am an only child and my mother’s off finding herself,” I replied.

“I would like my dad to do that, but he’s too damn stubborn.”

“It’s the age group,” I said we snickered at that.

The rest of the date was lovely; we laughed and talked all afternoon. One drink turned into two drinks, then dinner and dessert. Alex’s really nice, accomplished, but so humble. I wished I had met him before my husband. Life would’ve been so different. I wanted Alex with everything in me, but I knew I couldn’t have him.

When we got to my complex Alex walked me to my door. I unlock the door and said, “Thank you I had a great night.”

“I did too,” he said.

I reached up and peck his lips. He smiled but didn’t move a muscle; disappointed I turn to open the door I felt his hand on the back of my head. He drew me to him and kissed me senseless. Every inch of my body came alive as liquid lava ran through my veins.


Laying Pipes

“Why do I have to wait a whole damn week for you to come and fix my faucet?”

I’m so sick and tired of this imbecile of a maintenance man, he’s got to be the laziest son of a bitch on this planet.

“You know what; I’ll send you guys the bill when I fix it,” I said and hung up. How the hell do these people keep their god damn jobs? I really should report their dumb asses to the authorities for this. Since moving into my apartment it has taken forever to get anything fixed. I started taking things into my own hands. Now I had to find my own plumber to come today because it’s my only day off. This is definitely not how I wanted to spend my day. I googled the best plumber in my city and a familiar name came up Charles and company. That sounded vaguely familiar, actually not since I knew exactly who works at Charles and Company. How could I not when I had studied the business card for the whole night trying to decide if I wanted to call him or not. I dug into my purse for the card Alex had given me at the supermarket. He was parked not too far from where I was, and before I could drive out the parking lot he stopped me and motioned for me to wind down the windows.

“I didn’t mean to insult you. You’re beautiful and if you’re ever in the mood for a drink call me,” he said as he handed me his card. I smiled and drove off. I didn’t trust myself to say anything more. Later that night in bed, I studied the business card and debated whether to call him or not. For the longest time, I considered myself asexual after my disastrous marriage ended. I was so happy to be free that I never even entertained the idea of another relationship. That’s why I still can’t understand my very strong reaction to Alexander Charles.

Since meeting him at the supermarket, Alexander has been a constant part of my dreams. Some nights, I wake up right before the good part and I have to play with myself to finish off the job before going back to bed. Other nights I had to get up and clean up myself. Who has sex dreams about a man at thirty-four? This crazy sex depraved heifer, that’s who.

A surge of excitement ran through me. Alex was within reach but now that I have a real reason to see him again, should I? Or should I just stay away? Forget the things that Alex has made me feel? I thought about that for a moment and the very idea of never seeing Alex against caused a wave of weird anger and hurt inside me. Why can’t I have one fling? Why should my memory of sex be with my ogre of a dead husband? I deserve to have the kind of sex that dreams are made of. I took up the phone and called the cell number on the card. The phone rang out and no one answered so I left a voicemail telling him about my leaky kitchen faucet and asked if he could come by. Five minutes later, he sent a text saying he could be there in an hour.

I know it’s silly that I am at home all dressed, but unlike last time I wanted to be prepared to see Alex. I put on my sexy little black dress and waited for him. I went a little hard on the perfume and bath oils. I smelled good and looked good.

I saw him in the parking lot in an old beat-up F150. When he got out he’s in the same brown shirt and dirty blue jeans he had on in the supermarket. I fixed my boobs and my hair in the mirror just before the doorbell rang.

“Thank you for coming at such short notice,” I said.

“No prob. I had an opening and I love helping a pretty woman,” he replied.

“Oh so now I’m a pretty woman? Not an adorable child?” I said with a big toothy grin.

“You still on that?” he asked.

“Nah I’m over it. This way to the kitchen” I said. “Would you like something to drink?”

“Do you have any beer?”

“Cool,” I said. I watched as he took out his tools. I admired his big arms. They were huge and firm. I watched as he reflexes them while working.

“If you keep staring at me like that, your pipes aren’t the only thing that will get fixed,” he said.

“Oh really, what you gonna do?” I challenged him. He crossed the room and grabbed me in this big burly arms and kissed me senselessly. I leaned back against the refrigerator to steady myself as my knees felt like they’re made of goo. Every part of me was on fire from his steaming kisses. He traced kisses along my neck and just above my breast. He reached into my blouse and flicked out my breast. He cupped my full breast and my nipples. The fire inside me became unbearable, and I pulled on the straps of my dress to get it off. He chucked against my skin. Alex pulled up my dress and reached for my panties, and they were cum soaked. He chuckled again and knelt down in front of me as he stared deep into my eyes and said. “Can I have the beer?”

“Huh?” I asked. I blinked to clear my head.

Alex said, “The beer, can I have it.”

Again I made a fool out of myself in front of this man. I handed him the beer and left the room mortified.


The Chance Encounter

Margot and Alex Part 1

I jumped from the zap of heat that shot from my fingers tips when he touched my hand. I stared at the stranger in front of me. He has kind brown eyes and a big broad grin that sent shivers down my spine. His eyelashes are way too long for a man. It gave his eyes a delicate appearance, but the fine lines at the side of them stopped them from being too feminine. “I’m sorry,” I replied at once.

“It’s okay. You reached for it first,” he said as he hands me the bag of apples.

“Thank you,” I said. I continue to drink in the sight of him. He has beautiful brown skin that begs for my kisses. I tear my eyes away from him and study the rest of him. He’s over six feet tall with wide shoulders and a buff chest. He looked so strong. I wonder if he could hold me up when we make love.

“Are you okay, Ma’am?” he asked. His steely gaze has me mesmerized as I stare into a pool of deep brown eyes.

“I’m Margot,” I said.

“Okay nice to meet you Margot, are you okay?” he said.

“I’m fine,” I said. Lord, I must look a mess to this man, just grinning at this random stranger. I drank him in one more time and did my best to walk away with what’s left of my dignity. A few aisles over, I spied the handsome stranger again. His back is turned to me: his ass is as delicious as his smirk. He was coming from work in a deep brown shirt, blue jeans, and dirty old boots. He looks up from his basket and I make a mad dash to the other aisle, I hope he didn’t see me. What the hell am I doing? Why am I strolling around the supermarket stealing glances at a perfect stranger? I haven’t shown so much interest in a man since Ray died and now I’m acting like a horny teenage girl over a stranger. I need to get my shit together. I gave myself a stern warning and went back to shopping. There isn’t anything I particularly need at the grocery store. It’s just something to do before going home to my lonely apartment. Usually, nothing interesting happens, but today I get to ogle a complete stranger. I picked up a nice bottle of wine and head to the cashier.

“I’m Alex,” said a man behind me. It’s my handsome stranger.

“Nice to meet you, Alex,” I said trying to start up a normal conversation. “You’re shopping for the family?” I glanced into his basket and the box of condoms told me I was wrong.

 “Guess you have a hot date?” I asked. Damn, I’m making a darn fool of myself. “Never mind, please don’t answer that!”

To his credit, Alex just smirked and stated, “You’re adorable.”

Great, he thinks I’m a kid. Please ground open up and suck me in now, I beg. Finally, it’s my turn to cash my stuff. I rush to pay the bill and literally ran out of the store. I’ve never made a fool of myself for a man and I hope I never have to again!

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Sonnet 18

We will look at my first poem and poet in the series poetry corner. (Drum roll please) and the winner is:

Sonnet 18

William Shakespeare 1608

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate:
Rough winds do shake the darling buds of May,
And summer’s lease hath all too short a date:
Sometime too hot the eye of heaven shines,
And often is his gold complexion dimm’d;
And every fair from fair sometime declines,
By chance, or nature’s changing course, untrimm’d;
But thy eternal summer shall not fade
Nor lose possession of that fair thou ow’st;
Nor shall Death brag thou wander’st in his shade,
When in eternal lines to time thou grow’st;
So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,
So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.

The first time I read this poem I was eleven years old and I thought it was strangely beautiful. I knew nothing about eras or types of poem but I knew that I had never read a more realistic poem in my life (I also thought he had a black girlfriend 🙂 )

Sonnet 18 is perhaps the best known of all sonnets. Shakespeare wrote 154 of them but this one tends to top most popular lists, mainly due to the opening line which every romantic knows off by hear. It’s a traditional fourteen line poem, unlike the Petrarchan Sonnet  the Shakespearean sonnet is divided into three four-line sections (called quatrains), followed by a two-line section (called a couplet). It also has the rhyme scheme: ABAB CDCD EFEF GG. Sonnet 18 speaks of the everlasting beauty and timelessness of poetry and living forever. when I met this poem again I realized several things that I missed when I was eleven. Sonnet 18 praises a friend, traditionally known as the ‘fair youth’. The sonnet is more than just a poem – it is a real thing that guarantees that by being described in the poem the young man’s beauty will be sustained. Even death will be irrelevant because the lines of verse will be read by future generations when poet and fair youth are no more. The image will live in the verse.

If you have any thoughts on the poem drop a comment


Jasmine Part 3

Anita Baker’s voice broke through my speakers as she sang about sweet love. Sitting at my white vanity I did my makeup while swaying to the music. I settled on a matte neutral cut crease. I didn’t want to cake up too much. But it was our second date. Every time this man saw me, I was looking all sorts of jacked up. I am determined to show him, I can clean up nice. Anita Baker singing about giving you the best she got. I finished my makeup while the best of Anita Baker played in the background. I walked into my closet. There wasn’t much in the way of dressed-up dresses. The only place I went to was the strip club. Something told me I couldn’t wear bejeweled nipple covers and ass-less chaps!

I found a white low cut bodysuit. The top boasted my little B cup to look like a small C. I paired the bodysuit with knee-length full blush colored pleated skirt that had a broad waist, that was probably my sisters, with some red strappy shoes. I had washed my hair earlier, so I blow-dried and flat ironed it. My hair was shiny and bone straight. I wanted to make sure I looked good enough to eat.

I left my apartment at around seven-thirty. The beauty of living downtown was that restaurants were never far. He chose a beautiful Italian restaurant two blocks from my apartment.  I got there around seven forty-five.

I was so nervous. This was foolish. I sat down on one of the restaurant’s benches outside. Men never flustered me.  I have always maintained a clear level head around them. Some might even call it domineering. But with Jamie, everything felt different. He had seen me at my worst and most vulnerable and he still wanted to get to know me. Would he be disgusted, if he knew about my stripping? For the first time in a few years, I felt insecure and nervous. I looked into the restaurant’s window and saw Dr McSexy inside. My palms were sweating and my breathing was getting shallow.  I debated texting him and cancelling.  But then, my phone rang. It was Ariel’s face timing me.  I answered.

“Shoot! You had already I was trying to catch you before you left” he stated

“I am outside the restaurant. I don’t want to do this” I confided in her

“Why not?”  She asked.

“He’s a doctor for fuck’s sake”

“And so what you’re a brilliant beautiful woman. You’re just as good as he is” She replied

“I know, but what if that’s not enough?”

“Then fuck him. But before deciding that he’s too good for you,  go into the restaurant” she said in her calm cool voice.

“You’re right, I am being stupid. Girl I am gonna go get my man” I said with the confidence I didn’t feel.

“Don’t hurt him now” she laughed as she hung up. I was officially late. Fuck!

I walked into the restaurant. Jamie saw me as soon as I entered. He stood and pulled out my chair and handed me a bouquet of red roses. His tall chocolate frame stood at six foot seven in my estimation. He was taller than most men I knew. His rich brown skin was clear, even and smooth. His bald head screamed sexy, and I wanted to rub it as he ate my pussy.

I knew I had a stupid smile on my face. I couldn’t help it. I didn’t date much and the men I dated weren’t the thoughtful type. I buried my face in the flowers and took a deep breath. I wanted to commit everything about tonight to memory.

“I am sorry to be….” I started

“I am glad you made it,” Jamie said at the same time. I giggled. O my! What was happening to me? I don’t giggle. But Jamie made me feel girly. “I wanted to get the awkwardness out of the way so I ordered for you. You don’t mind, do ya?”  He said. I truly didn’t.

Jamie was looking nice in a navy blue blazer with a light blue button-down shirt. He paired it with a tan trouser which was tight as hell in the crotch area. His shoulders were wide and built.   The blazer hugged on to his body and clearly showed that enjoys physical activities. Shouldn’t doctors be soft and round? Jamie was far from overweight. His expansive chest tapered in to reveal a slim waist and a tight ass. My favourite view when I was in the hospital. He smelled heavenly; his cologne reminded me of a field of irises a little sweet and a little bitter. It was a soft yet musky scent. It was a potent combination to my senses. My nose hairs danced as I breathe him in. I wanted to commit everything about this man to memory.

I wanted this man with every fibre of my being. Every cell in my body screamed for him.

“You’re quiet, what’s on your mind,” he asked.

“You” I whispered. He chuckled and my pussy danced. This was torture.

“Damn it’s like that! You just wanna get to that, huh? I haven’t decided if you’re worth this dick yet” My eyes grew as big as saucers. The fuck did he just say to me? I couldn’t help but laugh my sweet doctor had some bite to him.

“I deserve that, but just know it would have been the best you ever had”

The waitress chose that moment to deliver our appetizers, white bean and prosciutto bruschetta. I devoured the food. I needed something to do with my mind and my mouth while I recovered from Jamie’s dig.  After the appetizers, I gave Jamie a summarized version of my life. I glazed over the painful parts. That was way too heavy for a first date. Our main course came and then dessert. By the end of dinner, I was so turned on with this man. His mind, his lips, his body, everything about him was so scrumptious. I needed to have him in my bed tonight.

Once again he escorted me home. “You want to come up for a night?” I said. Looking him dead in the eye. Letting him know without a doubt what I wanted. He leaned closer to me. His clean musky smell was once again tantalizing my senses. He gave me a peck on my forehead. Then he whispered in my ear. “I have to go hiking at five. Can I get a rain check?”

My smile died. I thought he was into me. Did he want to be my girlfriend? The fuck was going on.

“That’s cool,” I countered. In a cool syrupy sweet voice, I said “could I come?”

“Sure! It’s a date.” He replied.

A car stopped at my building and he stated that it was his taxi. He kissed my forehead again and left. I debated calling my meat on the side but it was late, so I reached for Barney, my big purple dildo, instead.


Jasmine Part 2

There was a beeping sound as I regained consciousness. Everything was a little hazy and my brain ached. God my head hurts!

“Good, you’re awake” came a rich baritone voice. A white coat fell into view. I tried to talk but had trouble.

“Don’t speak,” came the sound again. “Nurse!”

I closed my eyes again wishing that my vision would free up. A nurse, I assumed, appeared and started to pull out my feeding tube and other things.

“Miss Harris, I am overjoyed you’re aware. I am Doctor Tounsel. Are you having any trouble?”

“Water,” I replied. My throat felt raw and my voice sounded hoarse and pained. The nurse gave me water through a straw. I kept my eyes closed as a headache worse from the sudden onslaught of bright lights.

“Any pain?” prompted Dr Tounsel. My eyes fluttered and could soon open. Pain racked my body. I looked down and realized they were bandages around my abdomen. My sight fell on Dr Tounsel, he was the most beautiful man I have ever encountered in my life. If I could’ve, I would’ve fanned myself because he was fine as fuck!

“What happened?” I asked

“Someone shot you and then the crowd trampled on you, but you will be fine,” he said in a plain matter-of-fact voice.

“Where am I?”  I asked, “how long have I been here?”

“You’re at Mercy General. You’ve been here about a week. We called your sister Ariel. She’s been by,”

“My mom?” I inquired. Dr. Tounsel shrugged.

Miss petty boots at it again. The nurse showed up with medicine and I was out.

When I regained consciousness again Ariel was in the room

“Hey, little mermaid,” I greeted her.

“Hey princess, how’s Argubar?”

“Same ole same ole, what about Poseidon?”

We laughed so hard. Our mother loved Disney; she’s never been to Disney World, so she named her daughters after Disney princesses. The children in the neighbourhood picked on us mercilessly because of it. How could two black girls who have never left Garrow Isles be named after American princesses? We looked each looked a little like our Disney characters though. Ariel fair skin with reddish-brown curls and freckles to match while I was dark-skinned with long black hair. Though we both didn’t know our fathers we theorized that her father was white because of her colouring. Our mother was a drug fiend and never knew our fathers so we didn’t have much to go on. But thanks to genetic testing I found out that my father was an actual Indian as I had fifty percent DNA match the Middle East. Ariel had a good chunk of Irish. This revealed her reddish curls.

“How are you feeling?”

“I have been better.”

“I am overjoyed you made it cause no way in hell, you gonna leave me with Maleficent,” Ariel exclaimed.

We burst out shrieking. The laughter led to a silent moment when she took my hands in hers and squeezed them. It relived her that I was going to be ok.

I am the older sister. I protected Ariel from it all; the late-night beating from our mom and the men seeking to get into our room after Ms. Harris was too high to perform for them. When Ms. Harris forced me at seventeen to leave home, Ariel, twelve, tagged along refusing to go on living with her. That’s when my math teacher, Mrs. Laing, took us in. In this new environment, Ariel thrived. Whereas I made all A’s without thought she failed every subject in school. Teachers assumed she had some learning disabilities, but turns out; she just needed the support and love that Aunty Stacy provided. Stacey Laing and her husband couldn’t have kids so they adopted Ariel. They made sure she got into a great college and embraced her like their own. They did the same for me, but I had spent too many years with Ms. Harris to accept them with open arms. I always kept them at arm’s length.  Whereas Ariel called her mom, I called her Aunty Stacey. Aunty Stacey never held it against me though. She understood having to be strong for so long.

After I graduated from college, when she deemed me a woman, we chatted about why she took us in. She saw herself in us. She came from an identical position. Her mom immigrated to America when she was two months old and left her with her granny because Stacey’s dad was long gone. At eleven she also migrated. For a young poor girl from Jamaica, going to live in America was the dream. But they ushered her from one ghetto to the next. Big Mike, her mom’s husband and pimp, raped her until she was fifteen then sought to force her into prostitution. Her first night on the street, she ran away. Several years afterwards she met Thomas, and they moved to Garrow Isles,

Stacey and Thomas died in a car accident three years ago. At that point, Ms. Harris made her grand return, a whole bible-thumping zealot.

“Have you seen your doctor? He’s hot as fuck,” Ariel said as she broke my train of thought.

“Ariel! You’re engaged,” I protested only half serious.

“I am engaged not blind!” she blurted out.

She became silent, and I sensed something was amiss “about that, Malik and I will postpone the wedding until you’re all better,”

“You don’t have to do that. You’ve been planning this wedding for almost a year,”

“I can’t have my wedding without my maid of honour,” she replied

“Let Tammy do it. I am certain she had that in mind, anyhow.” I said.

Ariel rolled her eyes. Her BFF is a bitch on wheels but she looked at the best in her. Ariel’s too caring and short-sighted with her loved ones.

“You’re my maid of honour and whenever you’re better is when the wedding will happen,” she brushed her lips against my head as she got up. “I gotta run back to work ok. Please rest.”

She said nothing about my injuries but I suspected she already knew.  She never quite understood why I strip but she said nothing negative. Ariel’s loyal and supportive to a fault.

I was going through some pain. I called for the nurse. She came filled me with some pain meds. I went back to snooze Ville.

Over the next few days, the nurses came and adjusted my dressing. Ariel came around in the evening after work, along with her fiancé Malik. Some times when I slept I swore there was a dark force close to me but maybe I was just high on meds. I didn’t see much of Dr McSexy until he showed up to discharge me.

“How is my patient today?” he asked in his gruff sexy voice.

“rested and ready to return to work,” I replied

“Thatta girl. Well, you are free to go. Will anybody be picking you up?”

“Yea, my sister will be by soon,”

“So aahhhmmm” McSexy cleared his throat and scratched behind his ears “would you like to go get drinks sometime?”

“Yea sure we should do that,”

“Ok ok,” he gave a nervous grin. We exchanged numbers.

My recuperation was three weeks because the only seriousness was my coma, which doctors couldn’t explain. But, they expected me to make a full recovery as it didn’t leave any permanent damage, as the bullet went through torso not touching anything. The police came by feigning interest in solving my case. But I saw in their eyes, they thought I was just a dirty stripper who got what she deserved. They were little more than filthy animals.

Ariel visits every day.  We talk about her wedding plans and the difficulty of getting a nice place last minute since her current wedding venue is not taking any more bookings for months. My spirit sank. I hated to disappoint my little sister even though she reassured me, it wasn’t my fault. It sure felt like it. My compulsion to strip has never affected her or any other aspects of my life until now. Was the stripping worth all of this?

I was in the middle of a new animation when my iPhone chirped.

How is my sexiest patient doing?

I am not your case anymore but we can still play doctor and naughty nurse. I responded.

Tempting but I want to know how you’re doing. 

I felt the blow as if he delivered it himself.  I am doing better.

The phone buzzed and his number showed up. I considered not answering the phone. My curiosity got the best of me.

“Hello,” I answered.

“I needed to ask the old fashion way, so we misconstrue nothing. Can we meet for coffee in about an hour? My shift ends soon, and I wanted to meet up before I hibernate.”

I paused and yelled a silent yes.

“Are you there?” he asked with a concerned voice.

O shit, I thought, “Yes. Yes, I am here and yeah I wanna meet up. Can we make it an hour and a half?”

“Sure,” he replied.

As soon as I hung up I saved my work and jumped up. He was coming from work so I knew it wasn’t a dress-up date. It was possible he just wanted to see if I was fine. With that in mind, I chose a hot pink yoga tights and an oversize white racer back t-shirt. I showered and shaved just in case I got lucky. It has been a while. I put my hair in a big messy bun and head out to the address he sent earlier. It was twenty minutes from my apartment on foot.

He was early, like me. I liked that.  He looked up as if he sensed me. He got up to hug me and pull out a chair for me. That was strange to me. I wasn’t used to this.

“Hey, it’s great to see,” I said as I sat down.

“Likewise,” he said, “I must look like shit, and I just worked a twelve hour shift. I am beat.” He looked incredible. His chocolate brown skin and yellow undertones stood out like a flare to my eyes. I couldn’t stop staring at his perfectly chiseled jawline and a goatee that complimented his beautiful lips. I began picturing them on mine. Were they as soft as they looked?  His top lips were thin and dark but his bottom lips were thick and as pink as my freshly shaved vagina. Long generous lashes stressed his wide, full bushy brows that framed his brown-black smoky eyes. He was perfection, like a Hershey kiss.  I wanted to eat him up and suck on every inch of his delectable skin. I wanted to…

“Coffee?” he asked.

“Huh?” I was lost and confused at this point.

“Do you want coffee?” he said slowly “ I have been asking for a while,” he said with that damn sexy smirk

“I am so sorry. You lost me there.” I said in an earnest voice

He smiled a knowing smile and said fine. He signaled to the waitress and ordered a large coffee for us both. We chatted for a little. I told him about my job as an animator and about my sister. He told me about himself, his parents, where he was from and where he went to school. Our pasts were as different as night and day.

“So I asked you for coffee because I like you ma,” he said as he licked his perfect little lips. “Cuz amma fly dude you know ma.” He laughed so hard when my eyes grew as big as saucers.

I burst out laughing. Dr. Tounsel was silly.

“So you’re laughing at me, Ma,” he said

“Nah, I am laughing with ya blood,” I replied.

“Good, I was gonna come over there for that ass,” I died.  This man had me in stitches.

“But seriously Jasmine, I am a busy man and hate to waste time. I don’t do casual dating. I am looking for someone to be my wife. I ain’t proposing to you. I  just want to let you know what I am about.”

I lost myself in watching his lips move. If he asked me to move to mars in that moment I would have.


He chuckled. It was a deep sound that vibrated in my pussy. I want this man more than I want my next breath. We finished our coffee and made plans to meet the next day for dinner. I almost skipped when he walked me home.


The Awakening

I looked down at my bonded ankles, the curve of my hips and the gentle slopes of my breast. I sighed “how did I get here?” I thought to myself. I am a good girl. Good girls don’t end up handcuffed to strangers’ beds. I tried to shake myself free. But, a not too gentle hand came down and slapped my thigh.

“Stop fighting!” a strong gentle voice commanded.

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I was the quintessential good girl, always have been. I went to school and got good grades because that was what my parents expected. I got into a good university and studied hard because that what good girls do. I didn’t rebel in college like everybody else because I didn’t leave home to go to college. I drove to school and back home. I have never been drunk or even been to a party. My parents monopolized my weekends. I never really complained because it was fun and I loved hanging out my parents and my brother Kevin.

I had one boyfriend my whole life, Michael, who my parents loved. He was the good guy to my good girl. He was from the neighbourhood. A boy who never really made a move except to sneak a kiss or two on the couch while we were alone watching tv in my parents’ living room. We waited until college (way into college) to go all the way and it was nice but no fireworks. But what did good girls know about sex? I have never had an orgasm from sex.  I discovered orgasms by accident, just like porn. I saw a video on the computer that my brother was using and got the urge to cross my leg one day and I did. Best decision of my life! But being the good girl I am, porn was for special occasions like birthdays or Valentine’s Day.  Good girls never do things like that.

After college, I got a decent job that I excelled at and waited for Michael to propose. Everyone knew we were going to get married because that what you expect from the good girl and the good guy. The years came and they went, but no proposal.

I guess that’s where my good girl monologue ends.

I was running late for work on a Monday when my phone beeped to signal that a message had just come in.  I saw Michael’s name and smiled expecting a good morning text from my man instead, I got the shock of my life.

I know this is a punk move but I didn’t know how else to tell you. I need to be honest with myself and with you.

“What the hell?” I thought.

Beep. Another message came in

I have struggled for years to suppress these feelings but I need to be true to myself. I need some space to sort out these feelings that I am having…. so I am going to France today to figure it out.

I waited for another message to say just kidding but it never came. Finally, it dawned on me. “Did this asshole just dump me? What the hell” I suddenly felt like the air had been sucked out from around me. I dialled his number and it went straight to voicemail. I mumbled something about not understanding what’s going on and begged him to call me.

I texted 911 to Shaunie, who is my best friend.  I told her Michael dumped me. She said she was on her way.  I dialled Michael’s number again but it still went to voicemail. What the hell was going on? Was this the twilight zone?

I called into work and requested the day. My supervisor was shocked. I never asked for day-offs and barely took sick days but she said it was okay. I thanked her, hung up and tried to call Michael again. The call went straight to voicemail.

Shaunie found me in bed with the covers drawn over my head and curtains closed. She got into bed with me and just hugged me.

“I bought vodka!” she whispered and offered me the bottle in a sympathetic gesture.

“I don’t drink” I wailed.

“I know you don’t drink but you can have a shot or two.” Shaunie has been trying to get me to drink since high school. She is definitely the opposite of me. She was the wild child I have always wanted to be but was way too afraid to be.

“I am the perfect wife, I have done everything right. Why? Why would he leave?” I wailed. It felt as if my heart was torn out of my chest. Never have I felt this kind of pain before. “I had it all planned: our wedding, our kids, our house, our whole lives. How could he do this to me? How? Why?” I sobbed my heart-wrenching tears.

“You want honesty or you want me to make you feel better?” Shaunie asked quietly.

“What’d you mean?” I sobbed “I wouldn’t make a good wife? Huh? What kind of friend are you?”

“Ok, so you want me to make you feel better! You are smart, very beautiful great personality and fun to be around. You can cook damn good too and very ambitious. I could go on and on”

I sobbed while she spoke but I realized she was very quiet. We sat in silence for a few minutes.

“I want to hear the honesty,” I said quietly. Shaunie stared at me for a bit and took a deep breath.

“Well I have two hard facts for you and you’re probably not gonna like either of them. One, you’re a tad bit boring” I throw a pillow at her which she sighted “and two Michael’s gay”

“What the fuck! Shaunie! He’s not! I know my man and he’s not gay!”

“Just look at the text, struggling to suppress feelings.” Shaunie sighed “but that’s beside the point I am glad he’s going to be living his truth”

“He’s not fucking gay. I would have known if I was with a gay man! Since I am so boring you can fucking leave! Now!” Shaunie started to say something but she saw my expression and knew I was really mad. She thought better of it. She took her bottle of vodka and left.

I spent the rest of the day crying my eyes out and calling Michael’s number. After the 100th voicemail, I decided to stop. I got some calls from Shaunie but I sent her to voicemail. I called my boss and told her I was too sick to come in and needed a few days and she said no problem. I ended the day in bed. At 11, I decided to call Michael one last time hoping that he would tell me he was just joking. That after ten years he was just playing. However this time I didn’t get a voicemail I was told the number was no longer in service. Things were getting worse!

Two days later I finally got out a bed. I got up to answer the door. Which probably wasn’t closed but I wasn’t expecting anyone. I opened the door to a big teddy bear with sorry on it. My heart soared for a moment I thought it was Michael.  But, then I saw that it was the only Shaunie. My heart fell as I said, “o it’s just you.” I was really mad the other day but I needed a friend so I allowed her to hug me and I cried some more. We embraced in my doorway for what seemed like forever as I cried my ugly cry. I was so exhausted. She broke the hug and dragged me inside the apartment.

“I bought food this time. When was the last time you ate?

I thought about it, I haven’t been hungry and I haven’t really moved from my bed.  I wasn’t going to lie the food smelt lovely. I reached for the bag but she slapped away my hand.

“You need a shower!”  She exclaimed. I sniffed myself.  The heifer was right I stunk but bathing hasn’t been a priority the last few days. I hardly slept. I dreamed about the past and the breakup. But I guess Shaunie was right.

“Fine!” I said. Twenty minutes later I really did feel like a new woman and I was a little bit hungry. As I came out of the shower I noticed there was light in my apartment and a crisp clean smell. Shaunie had changed my sheets and sprayed some air freshener. I never knew I needed that but I did.

We sat down to eat and she started sharing the food. It was Chinese, my favourite. I thanked her for the food and her presence. She poured a glass of red wine, I was going to say no but instead, I downed the glass of wine and asked for another. Shaunie was shocked but she poured another one. Thirty minutes later I was full and all the way drunk.

“You know what Shaunie? You were right I am boring. But nowhere does it say good girls are supposed to be exciting you know what I mean. My dad always said I have to be the best. Get good grades, do good at sports, go to college, get married. They never said just be fun!”

“I don’t think you’re boring Alissa. I just think you can be so much more!”

“Let’s go out Shaunie. Let’s go to a club,” I suggested.

“Its 5 pm on a Wednesday afternoon Alissa.”


“Ok Alissa, we will go to a bar”

I beamed happily. I don’t know why but leaving the house sounded good to me.

“Yes, I love it. What should I wear? Jeans and a t-shirt?” At that moment, it dawned on me.  I have never been to a bar and I had no idea what to wear. All my dresses were loose-fitting and at a modest length. Frumpy really.

“As a part of my apology phase, I will buy you something.” Shaunie offered.

“You could just lend me something we are almost the same size,” I said as I eyed Shaunie’s five- two appearance. She was a beautiful woman she has golden brown tawny skin, a round face and high wide cheekbones high forehead and tiny nose. Her sparkling brown chocolate eyes spoke of sass and love. We were definitely not the same size.

“I could but it’s much more fun to go shopping,” Shaunie said as she picked up our purses and started for the door. I followed

Several hours and dollars later, I looked in the mirror and wondered who was looking back at me. I didn’t know this girl. I never thought I was ugly just your average black girl. I wasn’t necessarily tall I was the average height at five-six and two shades lighter than brown chocolate. I had thick processed hair that was a little below my shoulder blades. I never wore it down only after a fresh perm. I had an oval face with brown eyes and full lips. My best feature was my hazel eyes that my mom says I got from her grandmother. Her eyes were also light with flecks of green.  Everything else was from my dad a 6-foot dark chocolate man. My small bridgeless nose and heart-shaped lips were all his just a lot more feminine.  Would they approve of me going to a bar? They probably wouldn’t but right now I didn’t care I just wanted to forget the pain.

I looked down at the blush backless dress again and smiled. The back was all strings all the way down to my butt. Shaunie had picked it but I loved it. I would never pick something like this. I would be too afraid. My nipples and my curves would be on display. I felt naked. I can’t do this! I started to panic

“Stop it Alissa” Shaunie had sensed my fear. “Come on stop worrying, you will spoil your makeup.”  I had never worn this much make up in my life. According to Shaunie, I had on foundation, eyeshadow, contour, blush, highlight lip liner eyeliner and lipstick. All I have ever owned was foundation and eyeliner and lip gloss. The difference was remarkable.

“You sure there is makeup left in your case?’

“Tons, makeup artist remember?”

“I have always admired that about you, you choose something you love,” I said almost sorrowfully.

“You can too, you know.”

“I love accounting!” I said quietly not really sure if I loved it or my dad loved it. “I do.”

“Anywho, I think we are ready?” Shaunie announced

“You’re not getting all dolled up too?” I asked

“Nah tonight is your night; we can do that Friday for your first official girls’ night”

The bar was kinda a letdown but Shaunie said it’s just Wednesday and people were home.  There wasn’t much to see. There was a dim, poorly lit room with some tables and chairs, some couches and a counter behind which there was an array of alcohol. She ordered two mojitos for us and motioned for us to sit at the counter. I took a tentative sip of my mojito the taste of alcohol was like a slap in the face. Shaunie caught my reaction and almost died laughing at my scrunched up face. She told me to keep drinking, it gets better. Two mojitos and a shot later, I was on cloud nine. I danced with a white guy who kept on telling me how beautiful I was. He invited us to another bar which I begged Shaunie to go. It was pretty much the same as the first except it had more people than the previous one and way better music too. We danced all night and I gave him my number. At 2 am it was time to go home. The last thing I remember saying to Shaunie was that I hadn’t thought of Michael, not one time tonight.

“Is this hell?” I asked as I threw up the contents of my stomach the next morning. Shaunie chortled at my plight.

“Nah you’re just hungover.  Here drink this” Shaunie handed me a blood-red concoction that tasted nastier than it looked.

“What the fuck?”

“Just drink and shut up” she led me to my bed after I drank the concoction and washed out my mouth. “On a scale of one to ten how much fun was last night?”

I thought about it for a while and then said “about seven”

“Well, I am glad you finally allowed me to take you out. I have always wanted you to just let down your hair. At 26 it’s late but hey it’s better late than never.”

I laughed but she was right. It felt good just to have fun with no expectations, no worries. I was free to do whatever I wanted; No one to judge me or remind me of who I was and where I was from.

We settled in silence as I winched at my headache. Shaunie brought some painkillers and anti-acid. “Here take these you will feel better.” I swallowed the pills and drank some water.  A few minutes later Shaunie asked, “You know what’s good for a breakup?”

“What?” I asked

“A makeover” I laughed out loud but was quickly reminded to be still by my pounding head.

“Hear me out though. I mean you never do anything to your hair but add perm to it. All your clothes are frumpy for your age” I began to feel uncomfortable again but she touched my hand. “Last night was fun right? Just live a little, be bad -a little and if you don’t like it, we can always go back. New hair to go with your new clothes. What do you say?”

“You know what Shaunie? You’re right! Let’s do it.” I got up suddenly but quickly changed my mind when my temples felt like they were exploding. “But, later after I nap!”

Friday had come fast and furious. I looked around the mess that was my room and felt a tang of panic.

“Relax, Alissa, You’re messing up my blending” Shaunie commented

“Sorry I’m just nervous”

“Nobody gets nervous about going to the club. It’s all about having fun and enjoying yourself. Now go put the black shiny mini dress, while I finish my face”

I looked in the mirror at my reflection and damn I looked hot. Shaunie did a black smoking eye on me and I loved it.  This 20-inch Peruvian body wave sew in wasn’t bad either. I looked a lot different from I did on Monday. I liked it. I tried on the black dress I had bought on Wednesday it hugged my wide hips and flat stomach well. Shaunie was right. I had been a tad bit boring. Is this what Michael wanted? Is this what he went to Paris to find? Fun?

“Ready? Our ride will be downstairs soon” Shaunie said breaking my chain of thought.

‘Yea just let me get my purse.” I said as I took one last look at myself in the mirror. I saw that was my eyes were glassy with unshed tears. Shaunie saw it too and dabbed my eyes for me.

“He’s a fool for leaving,” she said

“Thanks,” I mumbled.

The club was loud! That was the first thing I noticed. The second thing I noticed was it was dark and third it was crowded. This was definitely not the bar.

“Hey, gorgeous,” it was Mitch the white guy from Wednesday. “Fancy seeing you here!”

I laughed because I remembered telling him I was going to be here. “You came!” I said excitedly.

“Wouldn’t miss it,” Mitch was hot for a white guy. He was tall and brawny with wide shoulders and a buff chest. His nose was slightly crooked which suggested that he had broken it before. He wore a black t-shirt and blue skinny jeans that were skin-tight. He completed his outfit with a pair of black sneakers.

Shaunie came over with two fruity drinks and waved at Mitch.

“Next round is on me” Mitch Announced. We danced and drank the night away. I never had so much fun in my life.

Three months and copious amounts of alcohol later, I sat on the park bench cooling down after my run with Shaunie. I had taken up exercising. Shaunie suggested it when I complained about missing Michael and surprisingly it really helped. My body has been looking amazing in my new tight ass skinny jeans and heels that have replaced my frumpy dresses.

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The last three months have put a lot of things into perspective for me. One new perspective was that my relationship with Michael had really fizzled out long before he took off. Some days I even think he was right to break it off. I probably wouldn’t have had the strength or courage to do it. But, how he did it still hurt a whole lot. Another new perspective was being a good girl was overrated. I can still be a good girl and embraced being sexy and even enjoy it.

“Has your dad calmed down yet or is he still threatening to kill Michael?” Asked Shaunie,  her voice disturbed my sombre moment.

“I don’t know yet I am still banned from mentioning his name” I laughed. Two weeks after the break up I had to tell my family that Michael ran off to France to sort out his feelings. Since then he has deleted his Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. At first, it was really hard but I guess out of sight is really out of mind. I still have my days where I miss him so much it hurts but his silence has helped a lot.

“How is Mitch?” Shaunie asked.

“We are just good friends I don’t see it going further than that.” I said firmly “I am not ready to dip into the white pond or any pond really,” I said as I laughed out loud

“Oh” came the suspicious response from Shaunie.

“What do you mean ‘oh’? What have you done?”

“I thought you finally got over Michael and ready to date”


“And I may or may not have” Shaunie paused suspiciously “….signed you up for Tinder”

“You did what?” I almost shouted, “what the hell is Tinder?”

“It’s just a little dating app.”

“No, hell no! The fuck Shaunie! You’re really out there!”

“Come on Alissa face it. You were never in love with Michael. He was just safe. He was the good guy to your good girl.” She looked me dead in the eye as she said: “The last three months you’ve felt more alive than you ever have.  But don’t you miss orgasms?”

“I don’t know…” I said aloud as I thought about it “Michael has never given me one”

“What? Are you serious? Not even from oral?

“We have never had oral sex. It’s always just regular sex……. in the dark.” I confessed “I asked once.  He got really mad and said that’s what freaks do if I wanted a freak or to be a freak? I was so embarrassed I just dropped it.”

“That settles it! We are doing tinder.” Shaunie proclaimed. You could see the wheels in her head turning. “I have a bride later but when I am done I am coming over with wine and we are going to find you a hot guy to suck on that clit of yours!”

I burst out laughing. Leave it to Shaunie.

At seven the doorbell rang and I knew it was Shaunie.

“You need a key,” I said as I opened the door.

“Give me Michael’s” she responded. We laughed as I took the bottle of wine from her. I opened it and took two glasses from the cupboard. I have begun enjoying the taste of wine and have since added wine glasses to my list of new things. I plopped down on the couch beside Shaunie.

“Let’s get my coochie ate,” I said. Shaunie high fived me as we laughed our asses off.

“Hell yea”

Two glasses of wine and what felt like a hundred swipes later I finally saw someone worth stopping for. I examined the picture.  A bald, caramel skin, bearded guy with the sexiest lips I have ever seen looked back at me. He reminded me of Shemar Moore and I have always had a thing for Shemar Moore. The guy obviously worked out. His muscular chest and toned arms pecs screamed gym buff. My eyes devoured every exposed inch of skin  I could see.

“He’s the one,” I said to Shaunie. “What do I do now?”

“Message him”

“And say what?” I asked in a panicky voice

“How about, hi?” she supplied sounding a bit annoyed.

I took a gulp of wine and went for it.

Within a few seconds, I got a response.

Hi yourself

I squealed at Shaunie and showed her the phone. “What do I do? What do I do?” Shaunie took the phone out of my hands with a few seconds she informed me that I had a date tomorrow for drinks.

“Shaunie I can’t do this I have never been with another man besides Michael. I have never even kissed somebody else. What do I say? What do I do?” I started hyperventilating.

“Well, first we better get your coochie waxed.”

I threw a pillow at her head “I can’t with you. Be serious”

“Just feel him out, talk. You’re a great girl. If there is no chemistry we go back to the drawing board.”

“Ok,” I said and drank some more wine

“But you are getting that wax.”

O boy what did I sign up for?

I checked my reflection. Red was a bold colour, but these last few months I was feeling bold so this red hair suited me. My boss won’t be happy but he will just have to deal with it; A fresh new weave, a fresh new dress and a freshly shaved kitty cat.

I was nervous about the low v cut of my black and gold bodycon dress but Shaunie said I have great boobs. I have never really thought about my boobs like that. They were generous and round. Mitch seemed to stare at them a lot. So maybe Shaunie was right. I turned around and checked out my butt. It was nice, tight and round- thanks to my new workout regime. My dress was topped off by some beautiful red Bottoms that Shaunie loaned me. We may not be the same size in clothes but in shoes, we were a perfect match. I kept the jewellery bear with just dangling earrings. I looked sexy and I felt sexy. A little too much for drinks but hey, it’s my first date ever. Shaunie gave me a beautiful beat. She said it was called a nude eye; she paired it with a bright red lip colour that complimented my skin tone perfectly. My phone beeped. It was Shaunie.

Have you left yet?

I texted back, leaving out now.

Good, let him taste it if he wants to 🙂

Goodbye Shaunie

I looked down on my watch for the tenth time, he was late. I thought about leaving or letting one of the other men who had been gawking at me all night buy me a drink but I just wanted to go home and cry. What was I thinking? This was a crazy idea and I should have never let Shaunie talk me into this.

I took out my phone to text Shaunie to tell her that I was going home when I suddenly felt a change in the air. I could sense his presence as he walked—no, glided—up to my table. I could smell his cologne. Mmm, he smelled like heaven. He was wearing all black. A black buttoned-down shirt and black slacks. His shirt was unbuttoned and you could see smooth beautiful caramel skin. His chest was chiseled, like the rest of him. His bald head was shaved smooth, like his face, and his thick lips encased perfectly straight white teeth. He looked slightly embarrassed. “Have you eaten? I think I owe you dinner”

I shook my head not trusting my own voice. He ordered a table in the restaurant and a waitress escorted us there.

“So you’re Alissa” he stated

“So you’re Andreas” I answered

We chatted about ourselves as we waited for our dinner. Andreas was thirty-two, a lawyer who was too busy to date. His brother had actually set up a tinder account for him as a joke. He was actually going to delete it when my message came in. I told him I was a charted account and single as well. I left out the part about my ex running off to France to get away from me. I didn’t want to scare him off too.

Dinner was actually pleasant and easy. The restaurant was really upscale and classy with a black tablecloth and silver cutlery. If that didn’t scream expensive, the menu did; it was three hundred dollars for a three-course meal. Andreas really went all out.

My phone beeped and Shaunie name and message came up

Does he look like his picture? Or is he ugly? Girl spill!!!

I rolled my eyes

“Do you have somewhere else to be?” he asked

“Nope” I replied

“Good! Do you wanna come back to my place?” he asked in his smooth baritone voice

Nope! Good girls never do that? But it had been so long almost eight months! My Vagina said yes yes yes but my head said hell no run fast girl. I opened my mouth to say no but yes came out instead.

“Great I actually live two streets over. We could walk” He called the waitress to come over and paid the bill and left a hefty tip. Andreas was scoring points all around.

My vagina rejoiced and my heart almost pounded out of my chest. My head asked me what the hell was I thinking. My vagina promptly told her to, shut the fuck up! We walked and talked all the way there. He showed some sites in the neighbourhood. We came to his building which did not look cheap. So it seemed Mr. Lawyer had some money. When we got to the elevator he pushed eight and the doors closed. We were alone for the very first time. He turned to me said there is something I have been meaning to do all night. He gently engulfed in his arms. He tentatively touched his lips to my forehead, then my nose, lastly his surprisingly soft lips touched my lips and I melted. l leaned against the wall of the elevator and he leaned into me. He used his lips to gentle caress mine and I was lost. Ding!  The doors of the elevator opened and brought me out of my fog and reminded us we were still in public. We exited the elevator and he unlocked his door.

“Welcome to my place, have a seat, make yourself at home. Can I offer you a drink? Is there anything you would like?”

“Red wine, if you have it?”

“Sure no problem” he turned on some R&B music and I started to relax.

My phone beeped and another text from Shaunie came in.  Ho is you not going to text me?

He’s gorgeous, sexy and very single. ttyl

Andreas handed me my wine and sat down. “So tell me, Alissa Davis, what do you like?”

“Well, Andreas Thomas, I like foot massages” Andreas took off the red bottoms and began rubbing my tired feet. We were quiet for a few blissful minutes.

“Do you like this?”

“It’s awesome, thank you. I haven’t had a foot massage in almost four months.”

“Well, I am glad you’re enjoying it? What else do you like?”

“Well, I have discovered that I like your kisses” Andreas smiled as he reached in and gently touched his lips to mine. He deepened the kiss and used his tongue to open my mouth. With his tongue, he gently caressed my tongue then gently sucked on my tongue. He broke the kiss to gently kiss my neck. He placed several gentle kisses from my neck down to my collar bone. I shuddered.  He gently slid down the top of my dress, ran his lips across my hard excited nipples. He did his gentle sucking on my small dark nipple that was now as hard as a pebble. He flicked his tongue back and forth on. As he sucked onto them one by one I felt my pussy pounding for more. I almost died from the sensation. I’ve never felt this deep craving desire for more.  He trailed across my chest to the other nipple. I arched my back, I don’t why I just knew I wanted more.

“Where else do you like your kisses? On that pretty pink pussy?”

Without thinking I just answered “I have never had that done before”

Andreas smiled as he hiked up my dress all the way up to my chest. He looked deep into my eyes as he took off my itty bitty black panties. He kissed my navel and left a wet trail all the way down to my groin.  He paused as I sucked in deeply. I felt his hands against the inside of my thighs slowly moving up to my vagina. He gently put a finger inside me “god you’re tight and wet’ he said as he removed his finger and used the wet tips to gently make circles on my clit.

I let out a heavy breath and mumble something unintelligible even to my ears. He took my leg and kissed my knee then made a trail of light butterfly kisses all the way to my inner thighs.  He gently bit me in the apex of my thigh and groin and I squirmed. He gently kissed the top of my vagina and grabbed my other leg. I giggled and shook my head. He repeated the process again. He came to the top of my vagina again and inhaled deeply. “You smell so good.”

If black people blushed, I was definitely blushing.  Slowly (and I mean slowly) he ran his tongue across my clit as I screamed “oh my god” my body wanted more, I cried and moaned for more. He grabbed my legs and forced my legs to open wider as he stared at my hard clit and dripping pussy. He used his thumb to move back the foreskin of my clit as he teased the tip with his thick soft lips. He wrapped his thick lips around my clit and skin and sucked like there was an airtight vacuum cleaner in his mouth. He then flicked his tongue back and forth while humming to a gentle beat on my clit. I thrashed and moaned. I started grinding against his face.  O fuck was it always like this?  I grabbed his head and started to grind into his face, I was losing myself. I wanted more!

As my head went back and my mouth opened from the climactic explosion he stuck his finger into my mouth. I was losing myself; as soon as he pulled his finger from mouth I felt it deep in my pussy. With a back and forth motion my whole pelvis area lifted off the couch. He continued sucking, licking and flicking his tongue around my clit. My legs began shaking. I didn’t know what was happening. This has never happened to me before. I pushed away his head but he grabbed my hand and continued his assault on my vagina. I came so hard I thought my soul left my body.

He smiled up at me I quickly looked away. “That was amazing”

“You ain’t seen nothing yet”

“That was my very first orgasm”

“Well, we have to work on that” He picked me up and took me to his room. He sat on the bed and put me on his lap. He opened the top drawer of his nightstand I thought he was going to take out a condom instead he took out a feather. He traced the feather along my neck and over my nipples and I felt another gushing sensation

“I wanna try something will you let me?” Andreas looked deep into my eyes and asked. I should have said no but orgasms were addictive. He gently laid me on the bed and blindfolded me. “Relax” He whispered against my ear.

Ten minutes later Alissa looked down at her bonded ankles, the curve of her hips and the gentle slopes of her breast. She sighed “how did I get here?” she thought to herself. I am a good girl. Good girls don’t end up handcuffed to strangers’ beds. She tried to shake herself free. A not too gentle hand came down and slapped her thigh.

“Andreas, I’m not too sure about this,” I said in a soft doubtful voice.

Instead of answering me, he took his pink feather and began tracing it down my torso and stopped at the top of my thighs near my groin. He continued his tracing with the feather down my inner thigh, my leg to the bottoms of feet. I laughed so hard and relaxed. I watched as he popped a perfectly manicured toe in his mouth. It was the most exquisite feeling I had ever felt. He then used the feather to go up the length of my body. He gently put his weight on me and for the first time, I felt the very thick bulge in his pants against my vagina.

“How many first are we knocking out?” He asked.

“Quite a few of them” I answered lazily. I was beyond relaxed at this point. Almost forgot I was handcuffed to his bed.

“Good,” he said as he uncuffed my legs and took off his shorts. I inhaled sharply at the sight of his massive erection. He smirked and asked if I liked what I saw. I quickly closed my eyes. He laughed. I kept my eyes shut as I heard the distinct opening of a condom wrapper.

“Your body is so beautiful, I just want to kiss you all over,” he said and he did.

I am not sure how much more of this I can take, I thought to myself.

Then I felt the gentle push against my vagina. He gently nudges forward and did a few short strokes until he felt I was ready then he did one big stoke. I sighed. Never have I felt this full before. I loved it.

“Hmmm, your pussy is so tight and so wet…for me….. All this pussy is for me?”

I couldn’t respond I was so turned on. My pupils were dilated and mouth half opened. I wanted this, I needed this. He bent my legs towards my chest and began pumping and rubbing my clit. He let go of my leg to palm my breast and gently squeezed it. With his other hand, he grabbed my neck and squeezed it. I flinched for a moment but then he told me again to relax. I wanted to reach out and touch him to feel his pecs under my fingers, but I was still bound to the bed. He laughed as if he read my mind. He continued to gently sneeze my neck as he not too gently filled my vagina with his thick throbbing cock. He stopped pumped and began making little circles with his pelvis that created the most delicious sensation against my clit. He kept changing the pace, faster then slower, rougher than softer. I was in heaven. Suddenly, he replaced his dick with his two fingers and did a come-hither motion while pressing down against my belly. The most intense orgasm started building within me. I felt it in every cell of my body. I was too overloaded with sensations I had to get away but I couldn’t move a bit. I started shaking, I was a little afraid, it felt as if a floodgate or dam had opened up inside me; In an instant, the bed was soaked with my juices.

“What the hell was that?” I asked when I could find my breath again.

“That, my dear, is called squirting.”

Sex with Michael has never been like this. I wanted more;  I needed more. I could get hooked on this. Andreas gently uncuffed me and put me on my knees. He traced kisses down my back all the way to my ass. He used a wet finger and teased my anus. I tensed a little. “We aren’t there yet” he whispered as if anyone could hear us.  He slapped my ass and teased my essence with his magnificent tongue and I almost died. This was truly heaven. I sighed when his mouth left my vagina but was quickly appeased when I felt his dick at the entrance of my vagina. He slid into my slick wet folds from behind. He placed his hand on the small of my back and pushed it down some more and assaulted my vagina while slapping the cheeks of my ass. He dominated my vagina and claimed it as his. He stopped and put two fingers in and did his little motion again. I started shaking violently and felt my juices running down my leg. This was his cue to remove his fingers. His manhood entered me hard and fast. He pounded out my pussy while holding on to my hips.  I moaned so loud “yes daddy, fuck this pussy” I may have said some other things but I doubt it was English. His tempo became faster and hard and his moans louder. I instantly knew he was coming. I loved every moment of it. As he built up to his orgasm I felt the delicious tingly of an orgasm coming on. We both exploded as he shot his load in the condom. He continued with gentle pumps as I continued shaking. When he let go of my hips I melted in a pond of homelessness and for the first time in my life with this stranger, I was content.

“Sleep well little one’ he said as he kissed me on the forehead.

I murmured something and promptly fell asleep.

The next morning I work up in a stranger’s bed and instantly the shame of what I did came to me. I was ready to clear it. As I was gathering up my things Andreas came into the room with coffee. “I don’t know how you take your coffee, “he stopped suddenly “where you think you going?”

“What happened last night was great but that wasn’t me. I’m not that girl!” I said as I frantically tried to put on my dress.

“Alissa no one is judging you, what we did last night was awesome!” he said while taking the dress away from me “and I kinda really wanted to be the first to fuck you in the daytime”

I couldn’t help but laugh. Then squeal with delight when he bent down in front of me.

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“So when do I get to meet lover boy?” asked Shaunie two weeks later at Sunday brunch.

“I am not sure we are there yet Shaunie. Right now I am just having amazing sex with someone I barely know! It’s so bad girl of me. I should be on Oxygen”

“Oxygen ain’t about that life anymore,” said Shaunie. We laughed as we sipped our mimosa.

“Where is our food? I am starving” I complained

“Me too. Hey Alissa isn’t that your little white lover boy Mitch”

“He’s not my lover” I counter at Shaunie while I waved at Mitch. He started in our direction

“Heya, gorgeous what are you doing here?”

“Just getting some breakfast, you?”

“O I am waiting on my little brother; he got back in town last week”

“Nice, wanna join us?” asked Shaunie

“Sure why not”

We combined our two tables and chatted about the last month. Mitch told us about his brother who has been out of the country for the last two years. He was studying at some fancy art school.

Mitch looked out the restaurant door which was behind my head and said here he comes.

A younger looking Mitch walked in. You could see the resemblance in their face but where Mitch was big and brawny; Mark was delicate and a bit feminine. He was wearing a very artsy looking outfit.

“Bonjour” he greeted us all. He hugged Mitch and you could tell there was real brotherly love there.

“Hey Markie, these are my friends Shaunie and Alissa”

“Alissa? Hmm I have heard that name before”

“From Mitch?” I asked smiling at him.

“No from me?” I heard a familiar voice from behind me. I turned around to come face to face my ex-boyfriend for the first time in almost seven months

Mark was the first one to break the ice. “Mitch this is the guy I told you about, my boyfriend Michael”

Shaunie was the first one to respond.

“I told you! I told ya” She shouted in the cafe.

I laughed as I exited the restaurant needing to get away as fast as possible.

“Alissa wait”

“No, Michael, fuck you! You’re a piece of shit!”  I shout for the whole street to hear. I had wanted to get that off my chest for the last few months. My phone chose that exact moment to beep! It was Andreas.

Where are you?

 I responded with, on my way to you. I need to feel your tongue on me now!

“Alissa, I am sorry” I heard Michael say pitifully.

“You’re still talking?!” I screamed when my phone beeped again and Andreas message popped up.

I am ready

Michael held on to my door. Mark was at the door of the restaurant “Michael, let her go!”

“Shut up Mark” Michael responded. Mitch and Shaunie stood at the door of the cafe watching the scene unfold.

“Get the fuck away from my door before I run over your feet. Cuz’ I really fucking will today.” He saw that I was very serious when he looked into my eyes.

I drove away feeling a lot better knowing I had a dick appointment coming up.


A Night With Shawn

by Nastassja Lamonth

I am a good girl. I never do this sort of thing but lately I have been in a funk. I have been yearning for something more but I cannot put on my finger on it. So here I was in a bar waiting for my date. We met two weeks ago on a website for people to hook up. I created an account on a dare one night with my girlfriends, before I could delete it I had a message from a guy. He made me laugh so I answered. We shared a few innocent texts that turned steamy and now here I was in a bar waiting on him to arrive. I ordered another shot, my second, and contemplated running and never answering his texts again. But my body wouldn’t move no matter how much my mind screamed to run. After ten months of no sex I guess this was the outcome of it.

“Hi” a deep velvet voice greeted me. I knew what he looked like from the website and some pictures that he sent but he was so much finer that the pictures. He was tall like really tall he was over six feet tall. His caramel skin was smooth and clear. His eyes were light brown almost hazel in colour his nose was prominent and flared little at the bridge and his lips were sexy as sin. His lips were full and shaped like a bow, his bottom lips was pink and almost feminine in its beauty. Poets couldn’t capture the beauty of this man’s face. His facial hair was neatly lined up from his hairline coming down to his beard, bring all the attention to his lips. God I wanted to kiss this man.

“Are you going to say something or are you going to stare all night” he whispered. I lowered my eyes thoroughly embarrassed. “It’s OK I like what I see too.”

I smiled “Hi, I am Tammy. It’s nice to meet you in person.” I finally managed to say.

He sat down and ordered a drink. I took the time to admire his perfectly tailored suit. I knew it wasn’t a cheap off the rack purchase. It clung to him and that showed off his lithe body. He was built like a swimmer all muscle and no fat.

“You’re staring again” he whispered

“I am sorry I was just wondering what a guy like you doing on a hook up website. You’re hot and obviously successful”

“Well I am not the relationship type and women on this site know what they want and go for it.”

“Fair enough” I simply stated

“So why are you on it? You don’t strike me as the hit it and quit it type of person”

“I am not, I joined on a dare and was intrigued by someone”

“Is that someone here?”

“Possibly” Tammy was treated to the sexiest smile she had ever seen.

“Well when he gets here, I am sure he will want to stay cuz’ you are beautiful.”  His eyes traveled down the length of my body and my panties dampen a little. I was wearing a royal blue bondage front halter top dress that was cut to show my c cup breast and showed off my tiny waist and wide hips. The dress was accented with black and gold open toe heels.

“You look good enough to eat. “ Shawn moved closer to my ears “I can’t wait to trails wets kisses from your belly button to your clit” The walls of my vagina clenched. I am going to need some more courage. I pushed him away and ordered another shot. Shawn laughed.

“Ahhh a newbie. I will take it slow”

“I like slow”  I admitted . then a slow shy smile crossed my lips and I said “I also like it hard and dirty”

Shawn sexy grin got down right sinful he reached out his hand. Without thinking I grabbed it and got up. The liquor went straight to my head and I became relaxed. Shawn led me to the ladies room that was thankfully deserted and led me to a stall. He held my head and kissed me. He kissed me hard. His lips caressed mine and forcefully demanded that I open my mouth. His tongue then dipped into my mouth. He broke the contact but he quickly put his lips to my neck trailing kisses down my neck while his hand roamed over my waist settling on my ample ass. He kissed my shoulder before returning to my lips. I was lost. His hands were on  my thighs and my body urged forward trying to get closer to his. His hands moved up my leg and dipped under my dress to touch the little scrap of lace I was wearing, a moment of clarity followed the contact.

“This is crazy!” I exclaimed

“Shhhhhhhhh” Shawn put his finger to my lips. He slowly moved down and pulled my dress up. He planted wet kisses down the line from my navel to my lace covered clit. He pushed the lace to the side and parted the lips of my flower and gently licked the inner nubs. A groan escaped my lips. That was all the encouragement he needed. He roughly pulled on the lace of my undies and ripped them off my body. I leaned back against the wall of the stall as Shawn held my leg up and went to town on my vagina. He sucked and licked and rubs my clit. I was gushing everywhere, with his two fingers he moved back and forth in my vagina, while his mouth gently sucked on my clit. He flicked his tongue back and forth on my sensual center and I felt the fire building up and the months of repressed sexuality came down as I reached my climax.

“Hello” came a voice from out the stall. We froze. When we heard the closing of the door to a stall we made a bee line to the door. I made my way to the bar while Shawn headed to the men’s room. I ordered a final shot and decided to make a run for it. As I gathered my things Shawn made his return.

“Are you ready for the real thing?” I stared blankly “You didn’t think that was it?” He asked.

He ordered a gin and tonic from the bartender, drank it in a few gulps. Then escorted me to the door. Since we were downtown Sallies everything was in walking distance. He stopped at an upscale hotel and headed straight for the elevator. He had already booked a room. I guess he knew I was a sure thing. The hotel suite was beautiful but Shawn didn’t give me a lot of time to appreciate the beauty. As soon as we walked in he was kissing me again and I was lost. He made a quick work of removing my dress within seconds I was butt naked. I moved to cover myself but he held my hand and told me not to. He kissed me again and placed little kisses on my neck down to my breast. He took my left nipple into his mouth as he played with my right nipples between his two fingers. I don’t know if it was the alcohol or months of no sex but I suddenly felt the need to touch him. I pushed him to the bed and opened his zipper and freed his massive erection. “Too much?” he asked. I smiled and got to work. I opened my mouth just to get it all wet and then put as much of it as I could in my mouth. I sucked on the head and moved my tongue back on forth. His penis jumped.  I ensured I sucked on the head while rubbing my hand from the base of his penis to my mouth. I swallowed and put as much of his penis in my mouth as possible until my throat closed in around his beautiful dick. Shawn groaned and I knew he was enjoying it. I licked the sides of his penis like a lollipop.  He pushed me away.

“The only place I want to come beautiful is inside you” he said as he pulled me up.

He came out of his pant and threw me on the bed. He opened my legs and said. “My turn. I love how wet your pussy gets.” He licked and sucked me to another orgasm. As the walls of my vagina clenched he entered me and my orgasm magnified. The deeper he got the more I felt the walls of my vagina opening up to accept him. Little tingles caused my body to begin shaking. I reached for him but he grabbed both my hands and placed them above my head. He slammed into me bearing into me over and over again. I broke free of his constrains and grabbed his ass trying to get him deeper inside me. I refused to submit to his dominance, my need to feel him deeper went to a primal level. He rode me to a frenzy, his hand reached for my throat and gently squeezed. My vaginal walls grabbed his dick and squeezed it tight beckoning him to go deeper. Suddenly He stopped, flipped me over and bent me over on the side of the bed with my ass in the air. He rubbed his erect penis against my swollen labia and slapped my ass. Finally he slowly entered me inch by delicious inch from behind. It was heavenly. Suddenly he pulled his dick out and then plunged his dick back in me; my body began shaking with the tinglingly of an orgasm. He placed his hand on the small of my back and pushed it down some more and assaulted my vagina while slapping the cheeks of my ass. I made unintelligible sound that I thought was words. He stopped deep inside me and made little circles with his waist and reached around and rubbed my clit. He took his penis out and replaced it with his fingers. He drove his fingers as deep as possible in my pussy and made a come hither movement while his other hand continued to rub my clit. The orgasm started deep in my vagina and spread to everywhere. Even the hair on my head felt it. Shawn returned his penis to my vagina. His penis continued its assault on my vagina and started slapping my ass and giving it to me really hard. Another orgasm started building as I felt his orgasm building. That became my cue to push my ass into his pelvis. The more he thrusted the harder I smacked my ass into his belly. I felt the pulsing of his dick and he knew he was coming. After his orgasm he kissed me on my shoulder and back. He took his penis out and went to the bathroom to throw away the condom. I just lay there. I couldn’t move an inch.

“Get up beautiful. We are just getting started”

I died and went to ecstasy.

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