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You’re so Amazing

Every nerve in her body surged to life as she shivered from the sensation of his soft lips against hers.


The Date

He drew me to him and kissed me senseless. Every inch of my body came alive as fire ran through my veins.


Laying Pipes

“If you keep staring at me like that, your pipes aren’t the only thing that will get fixed,” he said.


The Chance Encounter

He has kind brown eyes and a big broad grin that sent shivers down my spine.

See the Book Trailer for The Best of Brevity

The Best of Brevity: Twenty Groundbreaking Years of Flash Nonfiction launches in November 2020, featuring 84 of the best-loved and most memorable … See the Book Trailer for The Best of Brevity

Sonnet 18

First featured Poem


Jasmine Part 3

Anita Baker’s voice broke through my speakers as she sang about sweet love. Sitting at my white vanity I did my makeup while swaying to the music. I settled on a matte neutral cut crease. I didn’t want to cake up too much. But it was our second date. Every time this man saw me, I was looking all sorts of jacked up. I am determined … Read More Jasmine Part 3


Jasmine Part 2

There was a beeping sound as I regained consciousness. Everything was a little hazy and my brain ached. God my head hurts! “Good, you’re awake” came a rich baritone voice. A white coat fell into view. I tried to talk but had trouble. “Don’t speak,” came the sound again. “Nurse!” I closed my eyes again wishing that my vision would free up. A nurse, … Read More Jasmine Part 2


Jasmine: Part 4

The past week was the best week of my life. Jamie and I did things I had never done not even as a teen. We went on dates. We went hiking, to the movies, out to eat, we even went sailing. We spoke on the phone all night. It feels like I had a man.But it was also the worst week of my life. He didn’t even make a move on me


Jasmine: PART 1

Can a girl from the wrong side of the tracks find a love so deep it changes everything she ever knew?


The Awakening

Alissa has just been dumped by her childhood boyfriend and she is torn apart. How can she survive without him?


A Night With Shawn

by Nastassja Lamonth I am a good girl. I never do this sort of thing but lately I have been in a funk. I have been yearning for something more but I cannot put on my finger on it. So here I was in a bar waiting for my date. We met two weeks ago on a website for people to hook up. I created … Read More A Night With Shawn

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