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Laying Pipes

“If you keep staring at me like that, your pipes aren’t the only thing that will get fixed,” he said.


Jasmine Part 3

Anita Baker’s voice broke through my speakers as she sang about sweet love. Sitting at my white vanity I did my makeup while swaying to the music. I settled on a matte neutral cut crease. I didn’t want to cake up too much. But it was our second date. Every time this man saw me, I was looking all sorts of jacked up. I am determined … Read More Jasmine Part 3


Jasmine Part 2

There was a beeping sound as I regained consciousness. Everything was a little hazy and my brain ached. God my head hurts! “Good, you’re awake” came a rich baritone voice. A white coat fell into view. I tried to talk but had trouble. “Don’t speak,” came the sound again. “Nurse!” I closed my eyes again wishing that my vision would free up. A nurse, … Read More Jasmine Part 2


Jasmine: PART 1

Can a girl from the wrong side of the tracks find a love so deep it changes everything she ever knew?

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